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Who We Are...


You will always know who is keeping your books or preparing your taxes. We are committed to serving our clients and building trust. Accordingly, we will maintain regular contact and visits.


We are always a phone call or email away. Our clients are important to us just as your bookkeeping or tax preparation is important to you or your business.


We cross-check and reference several sources to make sure all the numbers add up the way they should. We will never change numbers to make them fit. Your books or taxes will be done right the first time.

Our Approach

We are an accounting, tax preparation and small business bookkeeping firm specializing in individual and corporate tax preparation as well as business start-up, clean-up and maintenance. We endeavor to stay informed and up to date on current tax laws in order to provide the most accurate services to our clients. We also strive to help small businesses grow and become more profitable. With our knowledge of current tax laws, we can offer our clients consultation on certain tax implications and peace of mind that their books are complete and properly prepared for tax filing.