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About Cruz Bookkeeping

After years of working closely with owners and management for several small businesses and a few years working in accounting, Dan decided to start a bookkeeping business.  In 2013, Cruz Bookkeeping Service was born.  Shortly thereafter, his brother Jeremy joined the firm part time and finally came on as a full time partner at the beginning of 2017.  We are a small business bookkeeping firm specializing in business start-up, clean-up and maintenance.  Our desire is to help small businesses grow and become more profitable.  With our knowledge of current tax laws, we can offer our clients consultation on certain tax implications and peace of mind that their books are complete and properly prepared for tax filing. 

About Gephart & Cruz, Inc.

Dan began working in tax preparation under Raymond T. Gephart, PA in 2010.  Under Mr. Gephart’s guidance, Dan learned and practiced the disciplines of individual and corporate tax preparation.  When Mr. Gephart was ready to step away from the business at the end of 2016, Dan and his brother Jeremy purchased the practice and renamed it Gephart & Cruz, Inc.  Gephart & Cruz, Inc. specializes in tax preparation for individual clients as well as small business clients.  We also offer business consultation and forecasting for better business planning and the confidence of making informed decisions.

Daniel Cruz desk

Daniel Cruz

Founder and Co-Owner

Daniel Cruz is the founder and co-owner of Cruz Bookkeeping Service and Gephart & Cruz, Inc.  Dan has always had an eye for numbers.  After working for an accountant for a few years, he discovered how much he enjoyed bookkeeping.  He took pleasure in supplementing business growth by assuming responsibility of tying the numbers together while businesses focused solely on making money.  The idea of complementing a client’s business strategy and partnering with them in growth sparked the incarnation of Cruz Bookkeeping Service.  When Dan’s mentor, Raymond T. Gephart, decided to step away from his tax preparation business, acquiring the firm was an obvious imperative and marrying these complementary services became a priority.  And so began Gephart & Cruz, Inc.

Dan resides in Lower Bucks County with his wife Julie and their five kids Jacob, Haley, Jonas, Anna and Angelene.  In his free time, Dan loves coaching and playing baseball with his children.  He enjoys spending time together as a family.  Dan and Julie are also fluent in American Sign Language. 

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Jeremy Cruz


Jeremy Cruz is the co-owner of Cruz Bookkeeping Service and Gephart & Cruz, Inc.  Jeremy, too, has always had an excellent grasp on numbers.  He has worked part time for Dan since the start of Cruz Bookkeeping Service and joined him full time at the beginning of 2017.  The brothers have always had a great familial relationship growing up sharing the same room.  That translated into a wonderful co-working relationship through several industries before finally realizing their dream of owning their own bookkeeping and tax preparation business together.

Jeremy resides in Bucks County with his wife Bozena and their two kids Sarah and Kevin.  In his free time, Jeremy loves coaching and playing baseball with his kids as well as catching a ride down the nearest mountain whenever he can strap a snowboard to his feet.  He mostly just enjoys spending time together with his family.

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